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High Coast Film Festival


Once per year Lunde House of the People becomes a Cinema once more, with one simple purpose – to screen & promote true independent films in the High Coast! 

With true indie film we mainly mean self produced Auteur film, with little or no state funding or bigger production companies involved. Often low/no budget, but more because it's the normal reality rather than for the sake of it.


The word Auteur (french for author) is a term for a specific artistic, personal devoted director, who also is the author of the film and follow a own distinct artistic line through his or her productions, rather than letting other people decide what the film should look like.

We want to put the High Coast on the map for international indie film makers all over the world, and also offer regional audience and enthusiasts a unique film program and film making visitors every year.


We especially focus on internationality, seeking films and film makers from all over the world and working hard on making it possible for them to visit the festival. The actual meeting of film makers, audience and enthusiasts is such an important factor for not only those who participate and visit but in all honesty the world. Through stories actually coming from their origins and the makers visiting from all parts of the world we really do get that elusive cultural exchange, and we get it on the best level possible: peer-to-peer, eye to eye.


So far we have screened films from more than 50 different countries and had directors visiting the festival from Iran, USA, France, Belgium, Holland, Finland and of course Sweden, to name a few.


We work to provide a comfortable enviroment where film makers, organisations, enthusiasts and audience can meet and spend time together during a weekend packed with quality independent films.


An important factor is therefore that we pay for accomodation for all invited film makers as well as organizations to support their travel to the worlds most beautiful place, the Swedish High Coast.